Tìm Người Quen

My name is Ân Quốc Tài. Originally from Cần Thơ. I was on Pulau Bidong between 06-1987 to 04-1988. Case number MB799001. Boat number HG6541TK. I would love to find the people on the same boat. There were two Amerasians with their mom. An entire family. Most resettled in the U.S. I believe two were resettled in Australia. I’m the only person resettled in Canada. During our journey, we were boarded by pirates twice. The second pirates took everything including our navigation compass, we were going blind after that. Now, to whom who towed us near Pulau Bidong, thank you for saving our lives. We would not have survived without you. Again, thank you. Unfortunately, I don’t remember any of their names. I included an ID card from the refugee camp. If you recognize me by the case number, boat number or the photo in the ID card, please contact me. I would love to reconnect with you all. Also, searching for long lost friends from Pulau Bidong.

Thank you.